List of Top Career Options after 10th in Commerce

Are you searching for the right career options after the 10th in Commerce stream? So you are in the right place. Here, you will get all details about the right career options.

 This blog explains the best career options after commerce with or without maths subject, professional courses in commerce, what it takes to build a successful career in commerce, etc. It is one of the biggest decisions for students who are trying to decide between the three main streams after 10th, i.e. Sciences, Humanities, or Commerce which they wish to speed through for the next two years as well as make a future career in. 

 What is commerce?

Commerce is one of the famous streams for a candidate who has completed his/her class 10th board exam. There is a wide range of career options in the commerce stream after completing the 12th class.

Why Choose Commerce After the 10th?

The commerce stream comprises many professional courses on offer and its major subjects like Accountancy, Economics, and Business Studies help students build a strong understanding of the commercial and financial world. After completing commerce with 12th, you can explore some of the most reputed and highest salary jobs in Commerce like Company Secretary (CS), Chartered Accountant(CA), Financial Analyst, and much more.

Subjects in Commerce After 10th 


The measuring, processing, and communication of the crucial financial data of a firm can be summed up under the subject of Accountancy. It also involves analyzing as well as calculating the results of the economic steps of a business organization.

Business Studies 

With the advent of technology, various new methods of carrying out business have emerged. You will be familiarized with the same by studying Business Studies in Class 11th. Traditional along with modern techniques, processes, frameworks and much more about how businesses are run is taught through the subject.


The study of the economy at micro and macro levels is known as Economics. Being one of the most interesting subjects, it will offer you a detailed study of how the economy in national and international markets works. 

Other Subjects

Apart from the aforementioned subjects, you will get to study the following subjects in commerce Class 11:



Information Practices


Home Science 

Computer Science

Physical Education

Fine Arts, etc

Professional Courses in commerce after 10th

Here is a list of courses of commerce stream you can do after the 10th. The below courses are chosen and are the top choices of commerce students.

1. Chartered Accountancy (CA)  Course

Chartered Accountant (CA) is one of the best professional courses after the 10th  in the commerce field. Students try to pursue this course after the 10th to make their career better in commerce.

CA courses make you strong in auditing, accounting, financial evaluation, and taxation for individual organizations and prepare you to work in an organization.

Salary of a CA:  around 7-8 lakhs per annum in the initial years.

Duration of the CA Course after the 10th:   7 years (including two years of 11th and 12th)

Eligibility: CA course allows provisional registration after passing the 10th class. However, you can give CA Foundation after appearing in the 12th class board exams.

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Career after CA Course

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Auditor
  • Internal Auditor
  • Public Accountant
  • Cost Accountant
  • Government Accountant
  • Taxation Expert
  • Accounting Firm Manager

2. Company Secretary

Company Secretary(CS) is also a professional program for 12 pass commerce students and covers responsibilities related to governance, securities, exchanges, taxation, etc. If you want to get admission into the CS program (first level), candidates need to qualify for the (CSEET) test.  If you are looking to take direct admission so this route is also available to eligible candidates.

The student who is interested to join the CS Course has to undergo three stages to pursue the Company Secretaries Course:

  • Foundation Programme
  • Executive Programme
  • Professional Programme

Salary of CS:  In India ranges between ₹ 2.8 Lakhs to ₹ 17.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6.0 Lakhs. 

Duration of the CS Course after the 10th: Two years long and split into 4 semesters

Eligibility of the CS Course after the 10th: You can register for a CS course after passing 12 classes.

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Career After CS:

  •  Member of the Board of Directors, 
  • Company Registrar, 
  • Chief Administrative Officer, 
  • Tax management officer, 
  • Corporate Planner, 
  • Corporate Policymaker, 
  • Legal Advisor, and 
  • Principal Secretary, etc.

3. Cost and Management Accountant

The full form CMA is (Certified Management Accountant). This course helps class 10th aspirants to prepare for both the management and accounting domain of the business world. For students, who are equally interested in these two streams, then CMA is the best option for their career. CMA is a specialization course in Management Accounting that trains students on different skills required in the domain. CMA course is offered by IMA (Institute of Management Accountants), an institute based in the United States, and is a highly respected profile all over the world. 

You need to clear the three examination levels for becoming CMA:

Salary of CMA:  An average salary of ₹7.9 Lakhs per year

Duration of the CMA Course: The duration of the CMA Course is 3 years.

Eligibility of the CS Course: CMA course allows registration for 12th-pass students.

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Career After CMA:

  • Chairman cum Managing Directors, 
  • Managing Director, 
  • Finance Director,
  • Financial Controller, 
  • Chief Financial Officer, 
  • Cost Controller,
  • Marketing Manager and
  • Chief Internal Auditor


4. Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA (Bachelor of business administration) course includes management. In this course, you will learn about the management of a business, or organization. You are taught skills and in-depth knowledge of the business world, and all the complex aspects of running a business.. This is one of the best professional degrees course that’s popular among 12th-pass students. This course is one of the famous commerce courses after 10th for students without maths. 

BBA is a 3-year professional undergraduate (UG) course in Business Management.  This degree course is available for all three streams i.e., Science, Humanities, and Commerce. 

This course helps students to get the knowledge and training in management and leadership skills to prepare them for managerial roles and entrepreneurship. Students who are interested to land a career in the field of management can pursue the BBA course after completing Class 12. 

This course will help the students to learn various aspects of business administration and management through face-to-face lectures as well practical projects like internships.

Salary after BBA:  The average BBA (Business Administration salary) in India is INR 4.75 lakh per annum.

Duration of the BBA Course: The duration of the BBA Course is 3 years.

Eligibility: BBA is a degree course where you need to be 12+ as a minimum qualification. 


5. Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

B.Com is one of the common courses for commerce stream students after the 10th. Subjects taught during a BCom degree course include Financial Accounting, Business Laws, Economics, Taxation, Auditing, and Cost Accounting, among others

This course is similar to the BBA course, the B.Com course also offers general and specialization courses. Students generally do this course alongside some other courses as they prepare for bank exams and other competitive exams, etc. This is because it is easy to crack the general BCom course. This course mainly focuses on an overview of all the subjects under the umbrella of the Commerce stream.

Salary after BAF:  The average BAF salary with a specialization in Accounting and Finance is INR 4.9 Lakh per year.

Duration of the BAF Course: The duration of the BAF Course is 3 years.

Eligibility: The minimum course qualification is a 12th pass.

6. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (BAF)

BAF stands for Business Accounting and Finance. This course is for commerce students after the 10th who are inclined toward Accounting and Finance.  After studying this course, you’ll get great knowledge and skills in Auditing, Investment analysis, management, etc. 

A bachelor’s in Finance and Accounting (BAF) is an undergraduate(UG) degree course that includes subjects like Accounting, Financial Institutions, Market Systems, Banking, Management, etc.

Salary after BAF:  The average BAF salary with a specialization in Accounting and Finance is INR 4.9 Lakh per year.

Duration of the BAF Course: The duration of the BAF Course is 3 years.

Eligibility: The minimum course qualification is a 12th pass.

7. Bachelor of Computer Application

BCA is a 3-year undergraduate degree program that focuses on knowledge of the basics of computer application and software development.  In this course, you’ll learn about database management, software engineering, different computer languages, and many more.

This degree helps students in setting up an advanced career in Computer Applications. The course of BCA includes database management systems, operating systems, software engineering, web technology, and languages such as C, C++, HTML, Java, PHP, etc.

Eligibility: To register for this degree course, you should clear class 12th board exams.

Duration of the BCA Course: The duration of the BCA Course is 3 years.

Eligibility: The minimum course qualification is a 12th pass.

Career Options after 10th for Commerce Students with Maths

  • BBM Course
  • BA Mathematics
  • BCom Honours
  • BA in Statistics
  • BSc Economics

Commerce Courses after 10th Without Maths

You can get enrolled in the following courses from the commerce stream if you don’t choose maths:

  • BCom
  • BBA
  • BMS
  • Bachelor in Hotel Management
  • BA English Literature

In addition to the usual degree programmes, there are several different professional certifications you can pursue. Here are some possibilities if you wish to pursue one of these professional certifications.

Professional Courses after 10th Commerce

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • CMA (Cost & Management Accountant)
  • Company Secretary
  • CFA Course (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Law
  • Digital Marketing

Creative Courses After 10th in Commerce

Since Commerce is an interdisciplinary course, students can also select from courses and professions in the humanities, law, arts, and other relevant fields. The following are some of the most liked courses by students planning to pursue creative courses.

  • Photography Courses
  • Mass Communication Courses
  • Fashion Designing Courses
  • Interior Designing 
  • Digital Film making Courses
  • Animation Courses

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