Subject-Wise Preparation Plan For CA Foundation Exam 

There are a number of commerce students who, after passing 12th exams, are always looking to pursue a Chartered accountant course. CA is one of the most professional  courses. CA offers the most attractive packages which makes it No 1. Choice among all students. Whenever students pursue a CA course they at first get nervous and scared about this course. As they are mostly scared that CA exams are very tough to crack. But this is a myth or we can say this is not true. Your success depends on a few factors like hard work , determination to make your dream come true.

Filling out the CA foundation exam form is just the beginning of your journey. tips mentioned below will help you get 100% marks and make sure you stay on track with studying. The CA Foundation course will improve your accounting skills in an advanced and effective way.

The CA foundation level has four subjects, each worth 100 marks. The first two papers are essay-based, while the other two are multiple choice. Before attempting the CA foundation question papers, students should focus on honing their presentation and writing skills as these qualities play an important role in clearing the exams. ICAI conducts the exams in May/June and November/December. You need to start preparing from the day you fill out the registration form for CA foundation.

You have four months to prepare for the CA foundation exams. You need to use this time wisely to cover the syllabus of four subjects. You need to prepare a proper strategy and work hard.  In this blog, we will discuss the subject-wise preparation plan for CA Foundation Papers. 

CA Foundation Preparation Plan Subject Wise: 

Paper 1: Principles and Practices of Accounting

Accounting is often one of the favorite subjects for students because it provides an opportunity to score full marks. The CA Foundation accounts is a subjective type of paper consisting of 100 marks that is commonly known among commerce students. This is because it covers a major portion of accounting from 11th to 12th class. To do well on this exam, you need to practise every day. Solve mock test papers, previous year question papers, and sample papers to get a feel for the kinds of questions you’ll see on the test. This is a proven CA Foundation exam preparation tip given by the experts at Anil Sharma classes.

Paper 2: Business Laws, and  Correspondence and Reporting

This paper is a subjective type paper that is divided into two parts: Business law and Business Correspondence and Reporting. 

Let’s begin the preparation strategy for Business laws. Everything you need to know.

The CA foundation course covers a lot of new ground for students who are just coming out of 12th class. The idea is to introduce them to the basics of Indian law, so that they can start to dream about becoming a CA in India. The course covers a lot of ground, but it is important to start from the basics so that you can understand the laws that govern our country.

This theory subject covers the weightage of 60 marks. To do well in this class, you’ll need to focus on your presentation skills. This is a theory subject which requires daily practice.. When presenting answers, be sure to use major keywords to increase your chances of getting good marks.

Let’s begin the preparation strategy of Business Correspondence and Reporting. 

Good communication skills are important for success as a chartered accountant. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) introduced this subject to the revised syllabus to address the demand for good communication skills. This subject covers the basic knowledge of the English language which you have studied in your school life.

This section contains 40 marks. If you’re from an English-medium background, this can be a real advantage. You can score as high as you want, but to do that you need to study this subject at least three times a week for two hours regularly to really solidify your understanding of the concepts.

Paper 3: Business Mathematics, Business Statistics, Logical Reasoning

This paper is an objective type paper divided into three sections. 

1) Business Mathematics (40)

2) Logical Reasoning (20)

3) Statistics (40)

This subject is the most favourite among the subjects as they have a good chance to score full marks in this paper.Business mathematics consists of 40 marks and covers majorly the syllabus of 11th and 12th maths. Those students who have maths it is easy for them but non-maths students this subject is going to be a little challenging. This paper is an objective type paper which needs regular practice. You can easily download the study material provided by ICAI. On a daily basis you can solve one paper to improve your practice.

Second section is Logical Reasoning.  This section contains 20 marks, but each mark is crucial when you’re preparing for the CA foundation exams. Scoring in this section is easy because it covers topics we studied in 10th grade. The more you practise for this subject, the better you’ll become at solving problems.

Paper 4: Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge


This paper is an objective type paper divided into 2 sections. 

1) Business Economics (60)

2) Business and Commercial Knowledge (40)

The weightage of business economics carries 60 marks. Those students who are from the commerce field can easily get good marks in this subject because they already studied these subjects in their 11th and 12th. 

Business economics carries a weightage of 60 marks.  The students who are from background will find this subject very easy because they have already studied this subject in class 11th and 12th standard. You can easily get good scoring marks in this subject. You need to practise regularly from the modules and practice papers provided by ICAI. 

Business and Commercial Knowledge makes up 40% of the total marks. ICAI introduced this section recently with the goal of giving students a basic understanding of business.


As we all know that CA is a bit challenging course. At first you need to understand the basic concepts and rules of the CA Foundation course. If you are looking for the best CA Foundation coaching in jaipur. Anil Sharma classes is the No.1 CA Coaching in Jaipur. You need to complete the syllabus at least one month before the exams and keep a month for revising the syllabus. It’s important to cover more than one subject every day when you’re preparing for exams. You’ll get bored if you try to focus on just one topic for too long. Try to revise the syllabus at least three times before you attempt the exams. This subject-wise strategy will help you clear all the papers in one go.


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